Thursday, February 26, 2015

Most Biz's Do Not Run on The Strength of ONE Only.....

Husband David and I. 
I like to give credit where credit is due, and sometimes supportive spouses/partners don't get nearly the recognition they truly deserve! I couldn't do all that I do as a business without his support, inspiration, and help in SO very many ways--especially his business expertise he shares (business owner himself)....or maybe I *could* do it all on my own, but it wouldn't be nearly so enjoyable! We don't always see eye-to-eye on absolutely everything, and there's intricacies to his biz that don't exactly apply to mine, but I always value his perspectives and take them very closely to heart. Our differences are the two balancing halves that make a more interesting whole. And when it's been a long, hard day and I'm still packing soap orders into the late hours, or I'm compelled to finish one more part of a painting...he jumps in automatically, says "Do what you need to do!", he feeds the critters, gets dinner ready....seriously, the best sort of work as important and valued as his.
So here's to all the great partners in crime, biz, life & passion! They make it all so worth the hard work! Thank you! ~Carol

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Inspiration ignition starter......

Ever feel like you need some extra fuel to ignite your starter? 
Ever feel lucky enough to pick up, say, a BOOK(s), and not just any book(s), but the just right book(s) for the just right moment that holds things in it you needed to hear just right then? that.
Steven Pressfield, author.

"Do The Work"
"The War of Art"
"Turning Pro"

Applies to ALL area of life, not. just. art! 

Seriously. I recommend.


Saturday, February 21, 2015

Fairy Art & Illustration

"See!  I toldja humans were real!"

The Imaginative Arts of Carol Ochs

Friday, February 20, 2015

Rare sight!

Now there's something you don't see very least not in my studio---a CLEAN art table!!!

However, I am capable once in a while of scraping my arm across the top of it and sliding the mess off to........


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Handmade Soap - Retailers & Fellow Artists!

Retailers and Fellow Artists!

ALL of our soap is available for private label!  
This means we make the soap and we or you can put your own label on it!

- This is especially attractive to retailers who want a great-selling and highly-consumable product that fits their own shop theme, spec.'s, colors, etc.
- Our wholesale minimum is still only $100 (before shipping cost)  Most manufacturers have AT LEAST $150 - $300 min orders!  We like to cater to small businesses or those just starting out!
- ARTISTS: this a perfect product to put your ART on and sell on your own website, at faires & shows!

EXAMPLE: Here's Carol's art on one of her specialty soap lines - Wylde Mermaid Soaps
Can you imagine your own art on labels to a great product?!?!?!  What's YOUR idea?

You can purchase as bars, 12-bar logs, or 36 bar/or 3 log bulk chunks!  
OR...cut however you wish, yourself!

AND....we have Soap Cutters available for purchase for ease of soap-cutting!

Are you ready with the coming seasons' merchandise?
Let's talk!

You may find our Wholesale FAQ's a helpful link!  

Handmade Soap - It's a process that starts with the SUN!

Most of our soaps *start* as herbs & botanicals soaking in olive oil in our California sun to infuse their benefits into the oil!  
So you could say there's California in every bar!

Soap is made through the magic of saponification...

Bars cut & trimmed...

Labeled and packed as an order...

And on to be YOU!


Wednesday, February 18, 2015

NEWSLETTER and 10% off on ALL!

NEWSLETTER and 10% off on ALL!

Creative juices for handmade soap, art, etc.....must be fueled!

Noon and I'm already exhausted.  BUT...that's cuz I've been up non-stop working since 6:00 a.m.!
As I grow older, I'm learning to not slave-drive myself so much and to deliberately take time, even if only 20 minutes, for some re-group/re-energize time, a cup of tea, a kitty snuggle....

The rest of the day is then more productive BECAUSE of that break!  :)


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Handmade Soap - Ancient Alchemy - Bog Bar (Transylvanian)

Surely you've heard of therapeutic mud baths.....but did you know bog or moor peat is extraordinarily nutrient-rich and excellent for the skin, especially for eczema and acne conditions? One of the main curative effects of peat is the heat effect when warmed-up peat expands. This was long-ago discovered by the people in the Transylvanian region of Romania where peat bogs are abundant. Peat-effects consist of overall warming of the body and the organic-minerals help open pores and draw out impurities, decongesting skin for better blood flow and texture. Best to lather up and let the suds remain on your skin awhile before rinsing! We've scented this bar with an earthy-tangy scent blend of lime and patchouli essential oils We order our peat directly from Transylvania, and I must say, our shipment delivery guy is highly suspicious of what I am ordering from TRANSYLVANIA! (I prefer to keep him in mystery!) Mwhahahaha!