Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"Autumn of Life"

"Autumn of Life:

What kind of Autumn / Christmas Season Soaps do YOU look forward to???

We're changin' up some of our Autumn/Holiday Soaps for this year! And we'd love to hear your favorites suggestions input! ::cups ears!::

Monday, August 17, 2015

SALE on Wylde Faerie Soaps!

It's 10 degrees cooler in San Diego today, WA-HOO!...and since I'm feeling in a spah-lendidly much better mood due to said degree-drop, and the garden has been full of faerie magic of late, thought I'd have a SALE! Our botanical-rich Wylde Faerie Soaps are 10% OFF this week through Friday at midnight! Come 'n get 'em! Cuz faerie magic was meant to be shared! smile emoticon
(You won't see the discount in the shopping cart, I will take the 10% off manually, meself!)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Handmade Soap takes time...........

~ The Wonderful World of *INSTANT*!!! ~

We truly live in amazing time when it comes to instant-needs, instant-gratification.  You can get darn near almost ANYTHING really fast, even same-day shipping on many items on Amazon!  How cool is that?  When I run out of ink for my printers and neglected to replace my back-up cartridges, you can be sure I'm ordering same-day shipping and SO glad it's available for those type products!

BUT.....handmade soap isn't one of those products. It's a very old, very handmade-y craft and no matter how you try to machinate it or try to speed it's STILL a very old, very handmade-y craft.  Bottom line: soap needs time to cure/harden.  But that's also the beauty of this craft -- it ISN'T something you can hurry-up, rush it.  Especially custom-made soap.  If it's custom, I don't have any of it already sitting on my shelves---I make-it-to-order just for you!  It's *your* exclusive soap! :)

Just a reminder to all my lovely custom soap clients.....yup, autumn/holiday season is upon us again and I'm strongly recommending a 3-4 week *ahead-of-need-by-date* order protocol to allow not only for production backlogs, but also time for your custom soap to be made/cured and shipped at it's earliest.  THANKS!!!   ~Carol :)

Friday, August 14, 2015

Fantasy, Fairy, Mermaid, Witch Art - Wild Oaks Art

"Out Of Her Shell"

Carol's art prints are available at both her website:
her Etsy Shop - Wild Oaks Art:

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Halloween is on SATURDAY this year!

PSSST! You KNOW....Halloween falls on a Saturday this year! Squee! PARTY!!! Have you started to plan your costume and autumn seasonal finery yet?!?!?! Lemme help!

Reminders from the Workshop! (Simply Soap®)

Just wanted to throw out a couple of reminders about us!

1) - It's "only August", but it's already pre-holiday season!  Lots of our retailer clients and faire & festival goers stocking up on merchandise to vend!  Our production kicks up markedly and we are crazy-busy!  We respectfully ask that you PLEASE remember this as you plan your own autumn/holiday purchasing and know our shipping lead times are likely lengthened!  It becomes very difficult for us to accommodate last minute or rush orders.  So please put a reminder into your notifications on your cell phone or wherever you organize your thoughts/plans to order early from Simply Soap!  
Thanks for your consideration!  
Look for our Holiday Soaps page posting soon!


2) - We get a lot of requests all the time, but unfortunately no, we are unable to accommodate drop-by shopping, onsite order pick-up, or workshop tours, and we do not offer classes at this time.  We greatly appreciate your interest though (THANK YOU!) but we are a home-based workshop, and not zoned or insured for onsite commerce.  
All orders are shipped-out, but you are more than welcome to visit and peruse our online !!!

For those curious souls wondering what our workshop looks like, where the soap is made, here it is, 10-steps out my backdoor across the patio.  It's essentially a three-car garage converted into a soap workshop.

Yup----it can be a mess, but you know what they say.....

And when I REALLY get going & sparks start flying----soap MAGIC!  

And my Art Studio.....

You're welcome to email us anytime with questions or feedback!  simplysoap (at)

Simply Soap®

Wednesday, August 12, 2015