Thursday, July 24, 2014

Comic-Con Thursday!

Comic-Con International. What can I say except *INTENSE*!!! You arrive thinking - "Ahh....I'm among My People, last of the Sci-Fi Geekhicans....ALL 130,000++++ of them...haha. And leave thinking, "Get me outta here! Sensory OVERLOAD!" It is nothing short of i.n.t.e.n.s.e. I got a ticket for one day, today.....but honestly, even if I got a 4-day pass, not sure I could possibly see and do ALL that would be on my to-do list. Soooooo many intriguing panel discussions overlap one another time-wise. Too bad they can't somehow stretch it all into a longer event or ongoing thing spread out, to make it even humanly possible to see and do more, cover it ALL. I could happily just attend panels all day -- probably the more sane venues to be in as far as crowd-control goes there. Or, you could just sit and watch people walk by and be thoroughly entertained for hours. Possessing the event guide is a treasure unto itself, FULL of incredibly valuable contacts, names, websites, and networking resources if you're into that sort of thing. And there's all sorts of unscheduled surprise appearances and events that just add to the general atmosphere of constant excitement.

I attended some panel discussions on writing and art, saw a discussion on one of my favorite shows - "24" - Keifer Sutherland there, telling some pretty comical tales of behind-the-scenes, as well as the whole creative process behind the show. REALLY hope they bring that show back, or do the rumored film! Cruised the Art Show and Artist Alley and much of the Exhibit Hall. Some booths were just too crowded to even get near. Others, I lucked out on, caught them at a less-crowded moment -- got to try a Cintiq and get a one-on-one tutorial with a rep, which I've been wanting to do. There's just SO, SO MUCH I saw, hard to even describe it all. You simply have to go to fully taste the Comic Con experience....or check out the many links/photo galleries on it. And even then you will still not have seen or absorbed it all.

Lucky for me, I live in San Diego and husband David dropped me off and picked me up so transportation was a cinch. He actually wants to go with me next year! Whoo-hoo! That'll be fun! Oooooohhhhh....maybe we should go as a costumed couple!?!?!?! WHO should we be? Better start planning! lol! Costumes there, some of them were just incredible!!! The detail and effort that went into some was screen-worthy! (But my GOD, must have been boiling hot!!! We're having heat-advisory-warning high temps and humidity.) If we go the costume-route, it will have to be COOL!

Anyway.....I returned to my homebase of calm & quiet, my brain fully-stocked with inspiration, ideas, perspective, appreciation, and creative juices flowing. Being submerged in the intoxicating stew that Comic Con is, ...always a worthy adventure!!! Even for a claustaphobe like me!!! #comiccon

Sunday, June 29, 2014

It's July ....and I'm feeling bohemian!

Hi Folks!  Been busy evenings with my latest craft fascination....fiber spinning!  Mostly with a boho style, wraps of all kinds!  You can find my finished works at my Etsy Store.
Boho Fairy Hippie Gypsy Hand Spun, Hand Knit Enchanting Shawl or Scarf in Cream, Peach & Papaya with Needle Felted Roses, Sari Silk Ribbons Mermaid Waters Shawl - Handspun, Hand Knit Loose-Net-Stitch Lacy Boho Shawl Shades of Blue & Turquoise, with Shell Adornments Forest Fairy Handspun Handknit Boho Shawl, Needle-Felted & Silk Flowers, Sari Silk, Greens, Includes Wooden Shawl Stick Fairy Garden Hand Spun Hand Knit Boho Shawl or Scarf in Purple, Lavender, Green with Ribbons and Silk Flowers Witch Lace Shawl - Black Alpaca Handspun Handknit Triangular Shawl with Sari Silk Fringe and Mercury Black Beads

In soap news....we've added some new summery scents to our Treasure Chest Limited Edition Soaps!  Papaya Poppyseed, Magnolia Blossom, Crema de Coca....come check 'em out!  And don't forget peppermint soaps to help keep ya cool all hot summer long!  

Papaya Poppyseed Soap Simply Soap Carol OchsSweet Magnolia Simply Soap Carol Ochs Crema de Coco coconut milk soap Simply soap Carol Ochs

Check-out too, our wyldly popular new Wylde Mermaid Soaps! Wrapped in labels with mermaid art by the soapmaker!
Wylde Mermaid Soap Collection Simply Soap Carol Ochs
Enjoy your July 4th!  Stay independent, and stay SAFE! ;)
Handmade Old World Artisan Soaps   -   Fantasy Art & Illustration   -   Fiber Arts

Friday, February 28, 2014

Behind schedule.....

As some of you already know, we had a death in our family this week - my beloved father-in-law, wonderful man!  And my daughter just returned from Australia from the soccer season she spent there.  Busy week with much still happening!  I'm scurrying to catch-up on customer orders and deeply appreciate your patience in that regard!  Thank you!!!  ~Carol

Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's 2014! And I woke up ALIVE! LOL!

Happy New Year, Good People!  

I have an innately very good feel about 2014!  Even though I tend not to be a RESsolution kinda gal..... prefer a more REVolution approach, I've got lots of new ideas & plans for the new year!  I'm back in the workshop catching up on a backlog of orders that accummulated over our winter break and it feels good to be back in the routine!  Having a bit of time off can do for you....recharge creative batteries and enthusiasm!  Hope you all got some of that, too!  

My mantra starting this new year is "You are what you think!" I'm being more careful what I feed my brain or allow myself to get caught up in that absorbs my time.  It is a choice!  One thing I've realized solidly is that with advancing technology, we are bombarded daily with so many avenues & invitations to accept info....and with it, info.-overload, ways to spend time, and with it, over-committment.  One of those cases of: sometimes less is more.  It's easy to chase these rabbits down too many holes and end up with productive creative time gone, or badly impaired.  I've got too many things I want to do to spend time not carefully managed to the best of it's usefulness, tend to have ambition-overload.  If any of you can relate, shout "YUP!"    

Life has become so busy, I'm exploring different ways to organize and manage my time to get better focused and accomplish more each day.  Thinking of trying "assigned days" to do specific things, so for instance, I'll always think of Monday, Wednesday & Friday to do specific things, and Tuesday and Thursday, Sat. & Sun. to do others......and NOT neglect having down time to do whatever I want.  We all need Play Days!  I tend to not do that and have come to fully appreciate that this hurts rather than helps anything. So anyway, if any of you have cracked codes in accomplishing more balance successfully, I'm all ears.   Email me at faescribbles(at)   :)

As always....I'm deeply appreciative of all my loyal customers & followers who allow me to do what I love.  You inspire me with your own creative lives and points of view!  If you have suggestions for things you'd like to see me offer, I'm always open to suggestions!  Always!  And thanks!  

2014--Make it incredible! 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

NEW! Mermaid Christmas Card!

Looking for Christmas cards with a bit of a fantasy twist and no snow for a change?
Check out our lovely mermaid, enchanted by the Christmas star, reflecting on stars in her own world....
And tonight only, Zazzle is having a Cyber Tuesday sale of 50% off all cards!  Use code word "cybertuesday" in the discount box in the shopping cart!  Click the card below to go shopping!

"Starlight" - Mermaid Christmas Card
"Starlight" - Mermaid Christmas Card by carolochs

Other popular selections for the holiday season:

Woodland Wonder Spied Card
Woodland Wonder Spied Card by carolochs

Friday, November 22, 2013

Christmas Timeline Update! We've had a really big influx of holiday orders, to the point that ::gulp:: I can't guarantee pre-Xmas delivery any longer. Yup, THAT busy! You can continue to place orders, but I can no longer assure they will arrive BEFORE January. Email Gift Certificates (on Gifts page of website) will be available right up to Dec. 23 though!'s a quick, convenient, nice way to give the e-gift of soap (or art) and let your recipient *choose their own* at their leisure! Thanks very much to all my devoted customers...luv ya guys! ~ Carol

Thursday, October 17, 2013

We've got another October giveaway (one a week thru Oct.!) over at:  Art print ("In My Magic Garden") and bar of soap ("Encantado")!  

"Plant rosemary at your garden gate, grow lavender for luck!" 

Come enter to win! 

~Carol  :)

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Time to Decorate! Muwhaha!

Was going to start doing some indoor Halloween decorating, a bit here & there as I have time....but realized, most my Halloween-y type decorations already stay-up year round! DUH! lol!

September Giveaway - The Imaginative Arts of Carol Ochs - Handmade Soap, Fantasy Art

GIVEAWAY! This month we're giving away this 7" X 9" ready-framed (tabletop stand-up or can be wall-hung) print of "First Leaf Omen" - It is said that to catch the first falling autumn leaf you see of the season is a VERY good omen! Perfect ...for your Halloween decorating! Paired with two soaps from our very popular Wylde Wytch Soap Collection: "Amas Veritas" (patchouli, sandalwood, rose & jasmine) and "Mint Oatmeal Shaving Soap" (peppermint and enriched with clay)!

To enter the drawing, simply "LIKE" this post at our FACEBOOK PAGE or leave your name if you like, and your name will go into the pot where I will randomly draw a name on Friday and announce the winner! Be sure to also LIKE that page so you can stay tuned for all of our monthly giveaways! GOOD LUCK! And share with your friends! ~Carol    

Thursday, August 1, 2013

RETAILERS: Handmade Soap Display Ideas!

Many retailer clients ask "What do you suggest for how to display the soaps?" Gosh there are SO many options and creative things you can do! I welcome anyone to share pics of their own displays if you like!

Because our soap is natural and an ancient craft, I always gravitate personally toward displays that reflect that; rustic or antique-ish displays. And depending on whether you order your soap as bars or bulk logs, ....tiered, cubby-hole, or staircase-style displays maximize space usage for bars, whereas logs can be displayed on something as simple as wooden cutting boards. But some ideas for you are:

- Visit reclamation shoppes for great finds and buys on antique furniture, fixtures (like antique sinks, foot baths, fountains, etc.) usually salvaged from old construction sites, teardowns, etc.

- Flea markets, swap meets, garage sales, of course can all be wealths of great finds for items that will suddenly appear as the *perfect display item*, when that is what you are looking for. Old armoirs, book cases, ball & claw tables, tabletop hutches, wall-hung small bookcases, all make perfect places to stack soap bars and logs, as well as ready-made gift packs! Mirrored backs of bookshelves can multiply your abundance! Sometimes the more "used" looking, the better--shabby chic!

- Inexpensive and always natural-looking are woven baskets, trays, and bushels attractively scattered about your shoppe or booth display. And always have one right near the cash register with an attractive assortment of last-minute-buy items like two-bar soaps tied on a soapdish. This often prompts Customer that he/she needs to pick up a birthday or thank you gift needed that week or for an occasion coming up! Or...because they simply can't resist it for themselves!

- I personally am addicted to wooden boxes and have a fairly large collection, ALL different sizes. There's just SOMETHING about boxes! From jewelry-box size, all the way to antique trunk style, or travel suitcase antique reproductions with an array of international travel stickers on them....all make wonderful displays! Soften the bottom with a bedding of natural grass excelsior available at most packing vendors like nestled in antique linens, towels, or other bathy-type items.

- Large wide ceramic bowls--bowl & pitcher type, or colorful Mexican style, or antique yellow ware bowls all look beautiful also with a bedding of excelsior and filled with soap varieties!

- Metal or galvanized buckets, tubs, mini-bathtubs, cauldrons, cookpots, all make great soap containers, displayed alongside a collection of bath accouterments like washcloths, scrub or nail brushes, bath oils, candles, or other potions!

- Your local home improvement center can often provide inspiration in both the home as well as nursery/garden departments! Tabletop fountains go well with soap displays!

- Antique wooden dough bowls or trench bowls are large and also look so natural filled with handmade soap! These can be found on ebay, or reproductions of them called treenware can be found less expensively!

- Disc jockey supply houses online are a great source for bubble machines! A fun "attention-getter" for soap displays...but may be best positioned at the outdoor entrance of your shoppe so that a constantly-running stream of bubbles doesn't sticky-up your ceilings.

- Used deli cases (you can find at industrial equipment houses) make a perfect venue for soap logs or buy-by-the-ounce deli scale soap displays. Rolling island tables with cutting board tops can be moved conveniently around your shop!

- Find local design centers in your area (I use "Shinoda", and they are online also) and pay a visit. I could spend hours walking their aisles being inspired with design and seasonal display ideas! If you can't find a center like this in your area, sign up on the mailing list of one and get their pictorial updates to get ideas!

- can be a wealth of display ideas!

- Simple items like a colorful cotton table cloth, muslin, burlap, hand-woven table runner, or discarded lace window panel can "dress-up" a display with minimal cost...rediscover what's hiding in YOUR linen closet! Or drawers! I have a lovely lace shawl that makes a beautiful display table topper! Handmade paper, and bolts of fabrics like tulle can give you all kinds of fun textures to play with!

- Depending upon any themes you have to your store or business, this can lend lots of ideas for creative display items...and I have seen some very interesting ones! Especially for seasonal or holidays times of year! The guiding guideline being HAVE FUN with it!

Hope these ideas help light a fire in your imagination! And again---other ideas welcome, please add!

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