Thursday, May 8, 2008

Easy Does It There, Easily-Angered Customers!

CUSTOMER REMINDER: When you call our workshop toll-free (888) 575-SOAP (-7627) or San Diego local (619) 287-1394, we're usually "in-production" and unable to grab the phone the moment it rings, however we do have secure voice mail available--our "electronic secretary"! Soapmaking is a time-sensitive procedure and cannot be stopped when we're in the middle of a soap mix/pour, or the soap will harden prematurely. We do not have a full-time human phone answerer (to keep overall soap costs down for YOU!) so please leave your message and we'll return your call ASAP! You can also E-MAIL us your inquiry ( and it too, will be responded to ASAP!

Seems we've received some rather nasty and accusatory messages from an apparently easily-riled customer who was incensed at not receiving a human voice at the end of the phone when she called....deeming us "unprofessional". While we ALWAYS appreciate and respond to customer feedback, we also feel a need to stand up for inaccuracies. To illustrate the truth of the matter....

This seems like a good time to also mention that many soapmaking base ingredients have tripled in cost over the last year or so, along with fuel delivery surcharges, AND product liability ins., driving handmade soap costs up significantly, and some soapmakers out of business altogether! Here at Simply Soap, we're doing our best to maintain our usual pricing. NOT hiring a full-time phone answerer is one way we do that...a cost (wages + workmans comp. ins.) we would otherwise have to add into the end cost of our soap.

So.....a gentle reminder to those of you who might be inclined to get upset when you don't get a human picking up the phone...we're usually working our little soapmaking tails off when you call, but I do make a point to return calls throughout the day ASAP! Please consider, I'm working hard to keep my soap affordable, and in my book, that IS being professional.

Thanks for your consideration!
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