Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Simply Soap Hallowistmas Sale!

Greetings, Newsletter Subscribers!

We're having a 10% OFF Hallowistmas Sale!  A chance for you to get a
jump on your Christmas shopping closer to Halloween!  We know you're all
wondering if you're going to have to cancel Christmas and other holiday
gift-giving this year with this awful & frightening economy.  Well we
REFUSE to let Christmas be cancelled!  OR Halloween, for that matter! 
Everyone needs & deserves good quality soap!

Come visit our Autumn/Holiday soap page at:



Come visit our NEW! Wylde Wytch Soap line at:


for 10% off ALL Autumn/Holiday and Wylde Wytch soaps, today 10/7 through
10/15!  This offer is only for newsletter subscribees, so take advantage of
this chance while you can!  BE SURE TO TYPE "10% OFF SALE" in
the comments section of our online shopping cart so we apply the discount to
your order and know you are a newsletter customer.     

We're also offering a sale on our White Elephant Soap Scraps!  Usually
$15.00 per pound, we're lowering the price to only $12.00 per lb.!  White
Elephant Soap Scraps are odd end bars and soap pieces that are perfectly good
and new soap, but irregular in a way we cannot sell as regular bars, and we
waste nothing! (My "lbs." are generally rather large, too!)  We package
them loose in a bag tied with raffia and they make a wonderful grab bag of soap
for yourself, or as a gift!  Specific soap *choices* are not available and
subject to whatever odd soap we have on-hand...but if you list what your scent
favorites tend to be (florals, herbals, spicy, etc.), we try to accommodate you! 
You can find the White Elephant Soap Scraps BUY BUTTON on our What's New page

Again...remember to list "10% OFF SALE" in the comments section
of the cart! And despite what the cart total tells you, we run the transaction
through on our end ourselves on our cc machine, so we will deduct the 10% on
your product total! 

The Elves, Faeries and Good Wytches of ....

Simply Soap - www.simplysoap.com



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