Thursday, February 12, 2009

Of course we love you men! ;)

I received the nicest e-mail today from a lovely gentleman who asked if I make any soap products that cater to men! Well howdy-do, we sure DO! But this also made me aware that perhaps I maybe don't point that out often enough...that we love you men and your special skincare needs, too!

In fact I've created an entire line of soaps specifically with you in -mind, called Simply Men, and be sure to check out all of our sensitive skin lines as well, because I know many of you have skin as tender and finicky as us ladies!

In our new Ancient Alchemy line (pictured above) we have soaps men love, namely our D'Artagnan puck-shaped shave soap (and soap bowls available!), based on an ancient and authentic Brown Windsor Soap recipe!

And.....if you happen to like patchouli (which I personally do!), may I suggest our popular Bog Bar (also in the Ancient Alchemy line!), which is a scent blend of patchouli and lime and oh my, is it DIVINE! It's also enriched with imported Transylvanian bog peat to warm the skin & circulation and faciliate a smooth shave! The scent drives me utterly wild when my husband uses it! It "may" bring out the vampire in your woman!

So please, dear men.... don't think for a moment that I'd neglect to think of YOU! And remember that we are ALWAYS open to new suggestions!
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