Thursday, February 5, 2009

Scatter Gardens!

I don't even live in snow country so I don't have any valid complaint about being tired of winter already....but I am!

One thing my mind always turns to ths time of year is When can I plant my spring garden already?!?!? My garden is more than a bunch of pretty flowers and's my respite, my secret place to go to escape, read a book, burn some incense, dig my toes in the dirt, sip a glass of wine, just "be". So I think THAT is what I'm missing more than anything ...and tired of the empty dirt plot with lonely pet headstone markers it currently is during the winter.

I'm not one to push products, well, except for my own...hehe...but a friend sent me one of these and I must say, just seeing it sitting on my kitchen shelf, waiting for the weather to be just enough over the cold hump to go plant it, that I get excited every time I see that silly bag sitting there! Sure, you can make your own Scatter Garden kit yourself...but this is also a cool gift idea!

Anyway...just thought I'd share. And if you too are counting the days for winter to be over....having a Scatter Garden kit or packs of seeds sitting on your shelf just might hurry winter along!

Enjoy your day!
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