Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March news....

Hello Everyone! Happy MARCH!

What crazy weather we're getting...cold one day, 85 degrees (yesterday) the next! I'm itching to plant my spring garden but afraid it'll get cold again and freeze my seedlings! Best to wait another couple weeks at least and start my seeds indoors!

Meanwhile, March always feels like a time of "waiting" to me....waiting for winter to end, spring to begin, the economy to improve, universal conditions to change....resenting that so much hinges on another issue. But I need to remind myself that change lies within. Waiting is one of the great arts! As is written in one of my favorite books "Romancing The Ordinary" by Sarah Breathnach, while waiting, "Distract yourself, as you would a small child. Become self-indulgent. Do the unexpected. Plan on treating yourself to something so wildly extravagant that if the Universe doesn't deliver the goods, you will. This way you can detach yourself from the outcome and feel you have some control. And remember....waiting done at really high speeds, will frequentlylook like something else."


For any of you in the Birmingham, AL area who plan to attend the new fantasy convention Imagicon during March 27-29, I will have art on display there at the Print Shop! Stop on by and support many of your favorite fantasy artists! More info and feature listings at the Imagicon website link below, and I know they are still accepting art, for any of you other fantasy artists reading this! :)

A new art piece created for a Fairy Tales Art Show at FAE Forum (http://www.faeforum.com/events/v/fairytales2009/):

"Frog LEGS? Frog PRINCE? Frog FOREVER? "

Come on, admit it...surely you've explored, if only in your mind, the usefulness of frogs! What SHALL I DO with him?!?!?! Ahh...to have the power! Perhaps you *DO*! *wink*

And for anyone interested, I had a feature article in:

Ye Olde Witches Brew Magazine


St. Patricks Day is a month-long event at our house...and I'm not even IRISH! But my husband and kids are....and we all have gobs of Irish spirit! So while dragging out my decorations and Irish DVD's this weekend that are sure to be watched over and over: Far & Away, Waking Ned Divine, Tristan & Isolde, etc., I decided to share the Irish spirit! Any and all of our GREEN soaps are 10% off this entire month...our way of helping you save some green! Enjoy and stock up! I'm particularly partial to Emerald Isle myself...a very spring-like blend of heather, lilac and clover! And I can think of 16 of our soaps from our various soap collections! So anything with even a speck of green in it is ON SALE!

Remember, as always on our sale items, it won't show up in the online shopping cart as 10% off; we take care of that as we hand punch in all transactions ourselves, so don't worry if you don't see it on your cart total! If you're worried about that though, feel free to e-mail us at simplysoap@aol.com.

Till next post...wishing you magic and inventive "waiting"! ;) Most people know intuitively that when you fall in love, the world is full of magic. What they often do not know is that when you discover the universe is full of magic, you fall in love with the world!

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