Sunday, January 24, 2010

Januray Update! Howdy Folks!

Good Day Newsletter/Blog Subscribees! And Happy New Year!

Firstly, my apologies for the very delayed newsletter update! And thanks to those of you who poked me by saying, "Hey, I signed up for newsletters and am not getting any! Wassup with THAT?" I can only say, the last few months have been inordinately busy for inordinate reasons - family health issues....but we're back on-track with a more normal schedule now. Thanks for the poke! We're ready to tear into 2010 and serve you! And thanks again, All, ...for a great 2009 holiday season!


We still have some HOLIDAY SOAP leftover for you die-hard Xmas scent fans, and in a continued spirit of giving, we're giving you 10% off of all those marked "On Sale", while supplies last! Don't worry if your shopping cart shows full price...we take care of the 10% discount on our end as we hand-transact each order! If by chance we happen to forget to apply a discount, we'll refund you the discount and give you one full bar of soap FREE! Remember! Sale only applies to bars marked "On Sale" - Visit HOLIDAY SOAP!

Our VALENTINES DAY SOAPS are ready! Chocolate soap, wine soap, romance scent blends, special love potion soaps! Come take a look!

As you may have noticed, USPS postage costs went up after the first of the new year.


Cross-Stitchers! We recently had several dozen of our art pieces licensed with a new cross stitch company called Mystic Stitch! Mystic Stitch is undergoing a website re-do and while my own page (under my own name) is not quite available yet, several of my art pieces have been made into cross-stitch patterns that are available...including: (P.S. Mystic Stitch is currently having a great 2 for 1 pattern sale!)

Moon Potion
Out Of The Broom Closet
Orange Birch Bolete Shroom Fae
Tonight, I Fly
Whispers Only Sisters Understand
Yule Moon Magic

Happy Stitching!

In honor of coming Valentines Day, we're celebrating love in the air by offering Limited Edition prints of our piece "Devocean" to you at 10% off! This piece was modeled after a dream I conjured one day of my husband and I, as I was sitting on the bluffs of Point Loma peninsula here in San Diego, looking out to sea....imagining love beneath the water. Hope you enjoy!
We also have new art *in the works*...look for it coming soon!

I'm not one for New Years resolutions....however this year I felt compelled to make just one. And that is, whenever I'm frustrated, exasperated, or impatient with anyone, to consider that they, like anyone, are likely doing the very best they can in that given moment, despite what I may think. So I'm going to focus on that.....Any Given Moments.

I can hardly wait for Chocolate Month next month! Watch for our popular Chocolat' recipe posted next month for your Valentine sippin'!!!

Hope your 2010 is off to a great start! I appreciate the opportunity you continue to give me to share my businesses with you!

~Carol Ochs

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Wild Oaks Art - Fantasy , Fairy, Mermaid and Other Enchanted Creature Art
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