Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Have you had your fiber today?

Something I haven't really shared widely is, I LOVE fiber arts and usually have some project going. I particularly like to make shawls! Shawls are such wonderful comfort items, ya know? Like a hug you can wrap around you any time, without the sloppy kiss from Aunt Bessie attached. LOL! I have a variety of them laying all over my house, in all kinds of colors to go with anything...for use on simple walks, to dew dancing in the morning garden, to head covers as you dash in the rain...when is a shawl not necessary? I have ALWAYS had them in my wardrobe, as standard as jean, T-shirts, and that little black dress.

The shawls I make are of an incredibly cuddly yarn known for it's superior softness, and I like to use a tight crochet stitch for a truly WARM shawl...nothing flimsy about my shawls...they are blanket-like and heirloom-quality! With proper care, it should last you a lifetime!

If you are interested in having one made especially for you, let me know! faescribbles@aol.com My method is.... I like to call them Intention Shawls....if I know a bit about you (or your shawl recipient) before beginning, I think of you the whole time I'm making it, so your shawl is not only made especially for you, but infused with good thoughts and intentions directed especially toward you and perhaps any special needs you may have!

~Carol :)
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