Friday, September 3, 2010

Are my soapin' days nearing an end? MayBE.

I'm going to get on an uncharacteristic (for me) political soapbox (pardon the pun) for a moment. Not something I normally choose to do publicly, but this is an issue that could put me out of business as a soapmaker....seriously! So I'm asking you, my loyal customers/followers & friends, if you have time & interest, to please consider visiting this link (below) and signing the petition therein against proposed legislation that could by all accounts put most handmade soapmakers out-of-business, if passed. This is not to say we are not in favor of safe cosmetics--safety is always of utmost concern to us here at Simply Soap as well as all handmade soapmakers selling today! But the proposed legislation is so extreme in it's measures that it would make it impossible and financially out-of-reach for the average soapmaker to comply, thereby causing us to have to shut our doors for good. You can read reasons for opposition yourself at:

I deeply appreciate anyone who can/will take the time to do this. THANK YOU!

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