Monday, September 27, 2010

THANK YOU Blog Party Attendees!

Wow!  What a fabulous Practical Magic Blog Party that was Sat. (and's a party that just keeps giving)!  Thank you Anna & Justina for organizing it! I'd never attended one before, but this certainly was a great first!  What a wonderful chance to connect and find folk with a similar interest!  And I was quite simply amazed at the fascinating spin everyone had on a theme!  I just love that about creative people---their ability to adapt their vision to an idea and make it their own!  You're all truly inspiring!  Thanks too, for the kind comments so many of you left at my blog...greatly appreciated!  I'm SO in a Halloween mood now!

I had much work to do this past weekend so I have only begun to work my way down the list of blog party attendees, but I intend to visit every one!  Which is why this is a party that keeps giving! 

I'm holding off on randomly picking/annoucing the winner of our Practical Magic Giveaway winner until this evening to give more folks (who like me, maybe haven't had a chance to hit all the blogs yet) a chance to enter to win! (*Enter the giveaway* by leaving a comment at my blog party post.)
Again, the prize is two art prints:

                  "Whispers Only Sisters Understand"                 
"More Than Who You Think You See I Am"


this collection of herb/botanical pouches to make your own concoctions or potpourris with!  (Includes blessing seeds, rose petals, calendula petals, lavender buds, mugwort).

THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE for a fun, fun blog party! 


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