Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crunch time!

My blogging becomes sparse this time of year....not enough hours in the day, as I'm sure most can relate to!   But we DO have lots in the works! .....

 ~ The new 3-businesses-in-one combined website is in the homestretch!  The Big Unveil coming soon!  (Thanks to the most incredible & patient web design person EVER!)

~ Filling LOTS of pre-holiday handcrafted soap orders, especially as retailers load their shelves & vending boothes for the coming shopping season!

~ Crocheting in every spare minute to fulfill commissioned pieces...and they are looking so beautiful! One particular Intention Shawl I'm making is for a beautiful maiden who lives by the sea in Cornwall, UK......and I've loaded her shawl with the most beautiful intentions to wrap herself up in!  One of my greatest creative pleasures is making Intention Shawls

I'm feeling bereft that I've had so little time to paint, but that is normally my plight this last quarter of the year.  My head is literally bursting with ideas to illustrate, but no time to DO them!  So I keep my trusty idea journal at-hand and jot & sketch furiously as brainstorms hit!   This is perhaps my biggest frustration in life.....much I want to do, so many irons in the fire.....never enough time!   

All I know is, I look forward to what I hear so many older people talk about---where they need to sleep so much less than when they were younger, and find themselves waking and wandering the house at night!    Can I git me some of that ....like NOW???  ;)

Hope you're enjoying Halloween WEEK!  I have all my spooky movies playing all day while I work and my orange lights a-burnin'!  MAGIC!

~Carol :)
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