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We have a fun new proposal for y'all!

Over the years, customers often ask "Why aren't your products in *this* store, or *that* store?" Or, "I wish you were in my local bath shoppe so I can just run to that store to buy soap bars or gifts while I'm out picking up dry cleaning."

The simple answer is....We would LOVE to be in more shops!  You can help and earn freebies in the process!
If you have a store near you where you think our soap or art products would be a good fit, or you would like to be able to purchase our products local to you, please drop a hint to that store's management and give them our contact info. (below)! If that store goes ahead and orders from us and tells us that you referred them, as reward for your effort, we're willing to give you a 15% one-time commission compensation for THAT store, in soap or art! Your choice! We will email you a gift voucher.

Example: On a minimum $100 wholesale order, you'd get a (15%) $15.00 credit for product of your choosing! (That's like three free full-size plain bars of Regular Line soap, or one art print, or mix and match products you'd like!) That's the minimum you could earn!

The more new stores or valid retailers you expose us to who go on to place a wholesale order, the more commissions you can make! And the more they order on that initial purchase, the bigger your commission! But they must tell us YOU referred them! So in addition to you providing them our contact info, be sure to jot a note on that info instructing them to mention that SO-and-SO (YOU!) referred them, include your email address, so we can contact you back and you receive your referral commission! This offer applies to referring stores & valid retailers only if they've never ordered from us before. (This could include vendors at farmers markets, craft, renn, and other retail shows!)

Experience tells us, and we feel, our best reps are word-of-mouth customers who enjoy our products, so spread the word! And let us happily thank you for that with a gift commission! A great way to earn products for yourself, or earn gifts to give at holiday time and year-round!

~Carol :)
(This is a suggested template you can use to hand to store/vendor management! Feel free to print out and make copies to hand-out to stores!)


I am a satisfied customer of the following, would like to see these products in your store, and am suggesting you check them out!

The Imaginative Arts of Carol Ochs include:

Simply Soap - A California Handcrafted Soap Co.

Wild Oaks Art - Fantasy, Fairy Mermaid Art & More!

Enchantasies - Bewitching Art!

If you decide to order, please let them know I referred you, as a happy customer!

REFERRED BY:_________________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS: ______________________________________________

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