Thursday, November 18, 2010


Ever feel like going crazy with a knife!  The holidays can do that to ya!  Well GO FOR IT!  Get holiday soap logs and go to town whacking away to your heart's content!  For a very affordable $60 (retail), you can get a 12-bar log (ONLY $5.00 per soap slice!) and have a constant source of gift-giving!  A lifesaver for the *unexpecteds* that invariably show up EVERY year, as well as for all the special people you want to remember with "a little something"!--you child's teacher, the mailman, the UPS Guy, the water delivery man, your neighbor who watched the cat when you're out of town!  (Just be sure to keep some to reward yourself!)

You know how it happens...:
Knock-knock!  It's Aunt Bess....who just stopped by with a holiday present and you had no idea she was even coming, let alone had a reciprocal gift for her!  GAH!  What to do?  What to do?  You
excuse yourself to go let the cat out and in the speed of a couple whacks and the tying of a couple bows in a back room, you've got a beautiful, thoughtful, and much-appreciated personal present to give back to Aunt Bess!  HOLIDAY HANDMADE SOAPS!  Ta-da!  Slice-by-the-inch gift-giving and stocking-stuffing because YOU were prepared, you smartie-pants!

And soap is not just for the gals, my way!  Let me let you in on a little secret!  Men make up approx. 40% of all orders I fill!  YES!  Make their day with Blizzard Bar, Blue Cypress, Sierra Sojourn, Mint Menthol Whisker Bar, Clovosier, Orange Peel Spice, Pirate Spice, Frankincense & Myrrh---just to name a few of our favorite men's soaps!  (But beware, they're going to like it so much, they WILL expect it every year once you get them hooked!  My mailman and UPS Guy put in their orders early for their favorite scents now!-hehe)

A common kitchen knife is all you need! (And any wrapping you prefer! Tulle, fabric, cello bag, muslin sack, handmade paper....) Voila!

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