Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A wedge of Californy served up!

January always makes me feel like buying new sheets and housecleaning, generally getting life (personal and business) *in better order*...I just function better when organized, feel mentally purified!  Some call that OCD.  I call it tradition!  I come from a time when spring cleaning rituals always took place starting as early as Jan. and usually culminated by Easter---straightening closets & drawers, out with the unused or unnecessary, in with freshly-made new herb sachets to bring plant spirits and scent! 
Place of work and residence aren't all that require proper too, do personal rituals require an overhaul and pepping-up!  And how better than with purifying LEMON!  Not only is lemon a wonderful cleaner, but aromatherapeutically uplifting and mind-centering! 
I was gifted with my own personal lemon tree when we moved into our I use lemons for EVERYTHING!  Even our lemon soaps contain fresh juice squeezed by hand!

If you're facing what seems like an endless winter...try a chunk of sunny California...lovingly made by hand, enriched with skin's best friend---virgin shea butter, lemon juice and marigold petals! 

I'd also like to remind you about our fun White Elephant Soaps Scraps by the pound!
Odd end pieces of soap grouped in a bag, sold by-the-lb., (and my lbs are BIG lbs!) at a discount - $15.00 per lb.!  Never know what you're gonna get!  A great way to enjoy our soap at a reduced price!  We can't guarantee scent choice for these, but if you list your fav scent types in the Notes section of the shopping cart, we will *try* to accomodate as close as possible for you!
White Elephant Soap Scraps

Enjoy your day! MAKE IT sunny!  :)
The Imaginative Arts of Carol Ochs

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