Friday, March 18, 2011


Thumbs...err TOES up!  A lovely St. Pat's had by all!  Had all our kids over which is always infrequent that we manage to gather all three together, at one time, one place! 

Well, the Japanese radiation plume is reputedly upon in literally here now in CA.  The news is saying it's only as strong as one x-ray, or a trip to the dentist...but I dunno, call me a skeptic, but the news is getting their info from the govt, and isn't this the same govt that runs the FDA who approves so many drugs that five years later they are pulling off the market due to umpteem contraindications they discover AFTER they've guinea pigged the public for five years!  Excuse me if I don't have a lot of faith.  Prolly better than what the Japanese govt is saying...but still......huddled all the pets in and will likely be staying in today and over the weekend.

Been beefing up my own disaster preparedness supplies:

Back to work!  Soap to be made!  Art to be painted! 
Have a good weekend, All!

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