Monday, March 21, 2011

Springing forth on a freshly washed Monday......

Well heck, you'd never know it was Spring (butterflies & sunshine) to see our current weather (rain and more rain)!  We was a STORMIN' last night!  Whew!  Hopefully all that rain and wind washed remnant Japanese radiation away from CA. Took me a half hour last night just to take down all my wind chimes....did I mention I'm a windchime freak?  I only took them down because our neighbors get annoyed with all the chiming.  (Party poopahs!)

*I* think it's magical music! 

Last night I went to bed after watching the news (Libya, Japan, and on and on), thinking the world was about to blow-up......I'm on serious news/disaster/fighting overload!  Vowing to keep the news off today, if only to regain some inner peace and equilibrium!
Off to pick out the most frivolous, silly, funny DVD's I can find to watch while I toil in the workshop today.  For soap is best made when the soapmaker is in a happy frame of mind!  It's about the intentions, ya know! It ALL gets stirred in!  

Good Monday, to y'all!
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