Wednesday, April 13, 2011

*FREE* Soap! Yup...*FREE*! Can't beat THAT with a scrub brush!

P.S. Newsletter Subscribees!

::bonks self on head::: I FORGOT TO TELL YOU in the newsletter just sent out last night

PSSSsssT! From now thru Sunday (4/17) we're including a 1 lb bag of White Elephant Soap Scraps *FREE* with every order that wants one! You pay the shipping, but the soap is *FREE*! White Elephant Soap Scraps are odd end pieces off bulk blocks of soap, perfectly good soap, just a bit odd-shaped--subject to what we have available! We cannot always accomodate scent requests, but you can mention any in the Notes section of the cart. Also, please state that you WANT the soap, otherwise we will assume you are not interested in this offer! (Type "Soap Scraps Please!" in the Notes)

Happy Shopping!

We have scraps from ALL of our soaps, even some of our specialty ya never know what White Elephant goodies you're gonna get! :)

~Carol :)
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