Sunday, July 24, 2011

No response?

Hi Blog Followers (Customers & Friends alike)...

I've had it brought to my attention by two people now that I apparently did not respond to emails they sent to me and they were either hurt or somehow offended by this.  It occured in both cases near the end of June/early July.  The only correlation I can come up with is some computer problems I was having at that time, although my email is stored at the server, so I dunno how this could really be an issue unless I somehow managed to accidentally delete emails without knowing I was doing so.  I've been known to mysteriously rearrange things like my web pages too, and not know how in the heck I did so. 

However, I'm pretty sure most of you know me well enough to know that my "usual practice" is to always respond to emails promptly, with courtesy, and professionalism, so if I did not respond to any emails you sent me, but please bring this to my assured it was not intentional.  Thanks! 

Sincerely & respectfully,
~Carol  :)
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