Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October Magic...

 October Magic....what *IS* it?
Anticipation of Halloween?  Anticipation of cooler days?
I dunno....but I love it.  Feels super-energizing!
I have more than ever to do each day with my holiday crunch workload but I spring out of bed, ready to tackle it all, and even the exhaustion at the end of the day doesn't slow me down.   Hands can't stay still...must stay busy!  I must be a to-do junkie.
Hence.... I'm back to crocheting up a storm at night!  The cooler evenings make yarn feel good in my hands, especially on a breezy night, back porch, dogs curled up at my feet.

Here is a recent DOUBLE-THICK Halloween scarf I made and sold already...but it sold so fast, I made another one just like it and have another one in the works that is slightly different--black & orange (vs. dark gray & orange).
A great way to wear October all month, BEFORE costume-day! Many folks I know who are die-hard Halloween-lovers, are not the least bit hesitant to wear orange & black ALL year...of which I am one! This 6 foot long x 8 inch wide scarf can even double as a shoulder-cozy. Double-thick (two color strands used) it will definitely keep you WARM. Crocheted in Trinity Stitch in saffron orange and Edwardian dark gray, it has a rustic heirloom look to it! Keep for yourself, or give to your favorite Halloween-Lover!

You can order or PURCHASE HERE:  http://www.carolochs.com/fiber-art.php 

 Got a new autumny art piece for ya, too:
"Summoning Sabbat Spirits"

Be sure to check out all of our autumn art! 

 "First Leaf Omen"

"Sweet Autumn Rain"


 Our vitamin-A rich pumpkin soaps are on sale this month, 15% off--Samhain Spirit and Pumpkin Pazooties !  We take the discount off on our end, so don't worry if you don't see it on the shopping cart!  And we now offer our Wylde Wytch Soaps in 5 different art labels to choose from!
 Our recent annual family trip to Bates Nut Farm to pick our pumpkins!
My mom, son Chris, hubby David, Christine (<-Nick's girlfriend), son Nick, Daughter Steph, and our 104 lb pumpkin!

Hope you're enjoying your October...and feeling the magic
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