Friday, February 17, 2012

A Mermaid, A Fairy, A Witch & A Master Chocolatier...all in one day!

I can't help reflect on what a fun job I have, meeting the most interesting people all the time! 
Yesterday, in the course of the day, for both my soap and art businesses, I met and spoke with LITERALLY.....
a mermaid, a fairy, a witch, and a master chocolatier!  
Seriously!  WHAT FUN!

The mermaid owns an all-things-mermaid gift shop and works part-time for special events as an underwater dancing mermaid in a water tank.  She wanted to order soaps and some of my mermaid art to sell!

The fairy, literally dresses-up as a fairy every day in her fairy shop.  She ordered from my fairy soap line and fairy art!

The witch just opened a new shop and wants me to custom-design a line of herbal soaps for her, as well as ordered some witch art greeting cards!

And the master chocolatier is someone I order my cocoa pod husks from (a refuse item for him, an ingredient source for me) for a special soap recipe I make, and we got to talking about chocolate-making.  I SO want to try chocolate-making now! 

Anyway, when hubby comes home at night, he never knows what I'm going to say when he asks, "So how was your day, Hun?"  
"Well Dear, today I worked with a mermaid, a fairy, a witch, and a master chocolatier.  
Top THAT!"  :::giggles::  
I love my customers!  My work life is magical!  THANK YOU!

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