Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lookin' Rosey!

All this crazy warm-one-day, cold-the-next weather seems to have forced early rose blooms!  I'll TAKE IT! Love it for all our rose soaps! 

Some of you have asked me how I keep my roses pesticide-free.........I spray them regularly with onion/garlic water.  Yup!  Keeps aphids and all manner of pests a-way!  I just slice-up one of the stinkiest onions I can find (usually red onions are great for this), plus add a couple of garlic cloves, put them in a big spray bottle of water and let them marinade a good week before using as a spray and voila!  Great natural pesticide!  I also re-spray right after hard rains that will have washed the formula off, and when I water, I keep the spray or sprinkler direction aimed at the bush roots rather than spraying off the leaves. And no, the onion spray does not interfere with the scent of the roses.  :)

Anyway.....been gathering and drying lots of rose petals already and doing some planting......when I haven't been making soap and working on some new art.  The new soap lines are still in-the-works--testing phase.  Stay tuned!

Enjoy your day!
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