Friday, May 4, 2012

May Sale! 15% Off Site-Wide!


Hello Wonderful Folks!

Happy May! My favorite month, birthday month! To celebrate, I'm giving all of you 15% off EVERYTHING at our website (not all of us Tauruses are stubborn and mean! lol!)
When you shop online and are checking out, use discount code word - MAYSALE - in the box that asks you for a discount voucher code, hit "recalculate", and your discount appears! Sale in effect through the month of May. This is a great time to stock up on your handmade soap stash, indulge in some fantasy art, or fiber art...and plan upcoming gift-giving!

There's a lot *in-the-works* at the workshop!
As per inquiries, I'm still working on the new "Wylde" soap collections...however I wasn't altogether pleased with resulting scent longevity on test batches I concocted. With soap, it's a case of allowing it a significant shelf life to determine and *test* how those scents hold up over time. So I'm back to the drawing board on those, tweaking and fine-tuning.
There's also another project I'm working on that has moreless been in-the-works for 14 years, but gaining steam now...a sort of culimination of many passions that I have come to realize are also the passion of many others! I'm dying to talk about it, don't want to be a tease, but don't want to give it away till it's ready to unveil. Needless to say, these type projects require a lot of time and attention in development, so when people keep asking me why they don't see me blogging, or on Facebook or Twitter much these days, that's why. The elf is hard at work in the workshop!

As always, with much appreciation to my terrific customers & friends who allow me to continue doing what I do...make soap, art and fiber wrappings, for YOU!
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