Monday, June 4, 2012

Who's your daddy?

Who's your daddy?  FATHER'S DAY is June 17th!

I often read business articles that talk about how women do the majority of household product consuming, but I dunno....I have always, in my 18 years of making soap, can say that easily 50% of my customer-base is and has been men, glorious men!  
Many of my men-customers express having sensitive skin issues, moreso even than women!  (Especially shaving rash!) So when you think "soap", don't just think "women's product"!  Trust want/need/love handmade soaps just as much!  We even have a page on our site devoted to our most popular men's soaps: 
Simply Men! - which includes an assortment that also LOOKS manly enough to pop into his gym-bag and not be accused of using "foo-foo girl soap"!  LOL! We also have several  soaps for special needs....hand soaps, shaving soaps, fishing, outdoorsmen, etc.  Check 'em out!

I love how special bath time has always been at our house....especially when the kids were little!  That magical time of day when the kids are all bathed, freshly dressed in their jammies, and ready for a bedtime stack of books...everyone smelling clean and fresh!  A favorite photo of our household "papa" who always helped with bathing duties:

YAY, Daddys!
Don't forget the daddys in your life!  :)