Friday, January 4, 2013


Dear Customers.....

I want to ask all my customers, especially wholesale clients, what is the best way to communicate with you? Do you use social networking?  And if so, which do you prefer, ...use most, ...and go to regularly for info or updates?   What do you pay the most attention to?  :)

I routinely post notices/updates on my website , Blogger Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Mailing List Newsletter, and also as an automated email response to emails sent to me, .....and still many of you report not receiving or seeing notices sent out.  So I'm just trying to figure out the best way to reach you when there are important product/sale or other notices and seasonal lead time issues. Feedback welcome! CarolOchsArts(at)  THANKS!


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aprilvansickle said... [Reply to comment]

My top two ways are your blog and the newsletter. Your website would be next. However, I think your website is probably the most authoritative and important way to update people since that is where brand new customers would most likely find your updates.

I like the blog the best because it is easy to follow on RSS. :) The newsletter is also pretty awesome (and I like it just as much as the RSS for the blog) because it shows up in my inbox and you write such a nice one with all the extras (like recipes etc).

I like twitter a lot for asking questions and such but not updates so much. I tend to visit sporadically and so don't see many of the updates since tweets fall of the radar pretty quickly.

And you know how I feel about FB. haha :)