Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's 2014! And I woke up ALIVE! LOL!

Happy New Year, Good People!  

I have an innately very good feel about 2014!  Even though I tend not to be a RESsolution kinda gal..... prefer a more REVolution approach, I've got lots of new ideas & plans for the new year!  I'm back in the workshop catching up on a backlog of orders that accummulated over our winter break and it feels good to be back in the routine!  Having a bit of time off can do for you....recharge creative batteries and enthusiasm!  Hope you all got some of that, too!  

My mantra starting this new year is "You are what you think!" I'm being more careful what I feed my brain or allow myself to get caught up in that absorbs my time.  It is a choice!  One thing I've realized solidly is that with advancing technology, we are bombarded daily with so many avenues & invitations to accept info....and with it, info.-overload, ways to spend time, and with it, over-committment.  One of those cases of: sometimes less is more.  It's easy to chase these rabbits down too many holes and end up with productive creative time gone, or badly impaired.  I've got too many things I want to do to spend time not carefully managed to the best of it's usefulness, tend to have ambition-overload.  If any of you can relate, shout "YUP!"    

Life has become so busy, I'm exploring different ways to organize and manage my time to get better focused and accomplish more each day.  Thinking of trying "assigned days" to do specific things, so for instance, I'll always think of Monday, Wednesday & Friday to do specific things, and Tuesday and Thursday, Sat. & Sun. to do others......and NOT neglect having down time to do whatever I want.  We all need Play Days!  I tend to not do that and have come to fully appreciate that this hurts rather than helps anything. So anyway, if any of you have cracked codes in accomplishing more balance successfully, I'm all ears.   Email me at faescribbles(at)   :)

As always....I'm deeply appreciative of all my loyal customers & followers who allow me to do what I love.  You inspire me with your own creative lives and points of view!  If you have suggestions for things you'd like to see me offer, I'm always open to suggestions!  Always!  And thanks!  

2014--Make it incredible! 

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