Thursday, February 19, 2015

Handmade Soap - Retailers & Fellow Artists!

Retailers and Fellow Artists!

ALL of our soap is available for private label!  
This means we make the soap and we or you can put your own label on it!

- This is especially attractive to retailers who want a great-selling and highly-consumable product that fits their own shop theme, spec.'s, colors, etc.
- Our wholesale minimum is still only $100 (before shipping cost)  Most manufacturers have AT LEAST $150 - $300 min orders!  We like to cater to small businesses or those just starting out!
- ARTISTS: this a perfect product to put your ART on and sell on your own website, at faires & shows!

EXAMPLE: Here's Carol's art on one of her specialty soap lines - Wylde Mermaid Soaps
Can you imagine your own art on labels to a great product?!?!?!  What's YOUR idea?

You can purchase as bars, 12-bar logs, or 36 bar/or 3 log bulk chunks!  
OR...cut however you wish, yourself!

AND....we have Soap Cutters available for purchase for ease of soap-cutting!

Are you ready with the coming seasons' merchandise?
Let's talk!

You may find our Wholesale FAQ's a helpful link!  
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