Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Handmade handcrafted Coffee Soap - Java Bean Scrub---hmmmmm!


Contains Starbucks® coffee!

Coffee lovers, you can now slip into the biggest coffee pot---YOUR TUB! And did you know coffee is a natural deodorizer? The entire liquid portion of this soap (usually distilled water) is made with freshly brewed double-strength coffee, as well as we added a ribbon swirl of ground coffee thrown in for ever-so-light "scrub". It also makes a highly effective deodorizing HAND SOAP sink-side in the kitchen to help remove onion, garlic and just about any kind of smelliness you can cook-up! For some, well, we know you just love lathering up in your favorite brew as you sip a cup in your morning shower. What a way to WAKE UP!
No scent oils added whatsoever, however it smells like coffee from the coffee used to make it!


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