Monday, June 29, 2015

Handmade Soap - UNSCENTED Soaps - FIVE!

Customers often ask me "So what's YOUR favorite soap?"...and are surprised when I say "my unscented soap", given all the scented-soaps I have available to me at any given time, I guess this does seem unusual!  But truth is (and what led me into soapmaking in the first place), is I have very sensitive skin.  Change in the weather can exacerbate this, too!  Especially HOT weather! Unscented just keeps my skin on a more even keel, and MANY, MANY of my customers are the same way or have sensitive skin for a myriad of reasons!  

We've grown to having 5 different unscented soaps!

- African Black Magic (Ancient Alchemy line) - made in the tradition of African Black Soap!
- Bar None with Oats - the soothing benefits of oatmeal!
- Hawthorn, Daisy & Feverfew - filled with ground botanicals known for their soothing effects on inflamed, irritated skin!
- Soothe & Smooth  (Rustic Soap line) - also filled with skin-soothign botanicals and herbs, and made sans coconut oil for those sensitive to it.
- Simply Organic Soap - made with certified organic oils.

You can read more about each at our site!

And these are some more tips for healthy, sensitive skin that we agree with!

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