Sunday, August 16, 2015

Handmade Soap takes time...........

~ The Wonderful World of *INSTANT*!!! ~

We truly live in amazing time when it comes to instant-needs, instant-gratification.  You can get darn near almost ANYTHING really fast, even same-day shipping on many items on Amazon!  How cool is that?  When I run out of ink for my printers and neglected to replace my back-up cartridges, you can be sure I'm ordering same-day shipping and SO glad it's available for those type products!

BUT.....handmade soap isn't one of those products. It's a very old, very handmade-y craft and no matter how you try to machinate it or try to speed it's STILL a very old, very handmade-y craft.  Bottom line: soap needs time to cure/harden.  But that's also the beauty of this craft -- it ISN'T something you can hurry-up, rush it.  Especially custom-made soap.  If it's custom, I don't have any of it already sitting on my shelves---I make-it-to-order just for you!  It's *your* exclusive soap! :)

Just a reminder to all my lovely custom soap clients.....yup, autumn/holiday season is upon us again and I'm strongly recommending a 3-4 week *ahead-of-need-by-date* order protocol to allow not only for production backlogs, but also time for your custom soap to be made/cured and shipped at it's earliest.  THANKS!!!   ~Carol :)

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