Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Father's Day is Sunday June 18th! MEN SOAPS!


**Father's Day is Sunday June 18th!**

Whatcha giving YOUR favorite father types? 

Easily half, if not more, of my customers are men! YES, ...MEN LOVE SOAP! And more have sensitive skin than you may guess, or they'll admit! We have a huge selection of soap scents men LOVE!

Here are just a few of our men BESTSELLERS:

Orange Peel Spice with Rhassoul Clay -
Russian Fir Needle with Green Clay & Poppyseeds -

TOLDJA we had a bunch!!! :D
Not sure WHAT to choose? Let him pick his own! Give him an e-gift certificate! http://www.simplysoap.com/gifts-simplysoap.php
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