Friday, August 25, 2017

Crunch Time!

Hello Dear Customers....

Sparks are FLYIN' from the workshop! It's officially Crunch-Time.....i.e. lengthened lead time on orders.  We've been inundated with a large wave of orders this week, we always process orders first-come-first-served in the queue, and this is pushing some lead times into the 2-3 week out range.  It may be sooner, but that's the outer safe-bet guess.  

It will likely remain like this through holiday season, if history repeats itself.  So please, if you have specific need-by dates for your soap/merchandise & events for the upcoming months, do ORDER EARLY!  We're working as hard & fast as we can to keep up!  :)

And thanks very much allowing us to be your handmade soap & potion source!

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