Friday, March 27, 2009

When life gives you lemons.....

When life gives you lemons, make...SOAP!

Or that's what *I* do anyway!!! 

This is my lemon tree in my backyard and it's giving us it's
usual bumper crop of  luscious lemons!  I LOVE making our famous
Lemon Aloe Soap
filled with freshly squeezed juice from this very lemon tree--makes a
wonderfully refreshing, astringent soap that will make your pores pucker for
joy! (It's one of my own favs!)  Enriched with aloe butter and a touch of
tea tree, it's the perfect compliment to thoroughly deep-cleanse, yet thoroughly
replenish moisture to your skin!  What a fantastic way to chase those
winter blues and dry skin away with some bright California lemon sunshine! 
10% off April 1 - 30th!  Stock up now! 
And remember, we take the 10% off on our end of transacting your order, it won't
show up on your online shopping cart don't worry!   

This is the lemon tree at night when all the lemon faeries are
busy making new lemons grow! 


And...just because we're in such a happy SPRING-like mood and
want to do our part to help jump-start the economy, we're offering our very
Faerie Soaps
at 10% off ALSO April 1 -'s
what the faeries would want, after all! 

These fragrant, botanical-rich soaps contain all the herbs and
flower petals faeries are most attracted to, so it's a good bet you'll improve
your faerie-sightings upon using these beautiful soaps!  Buy the soap stack
collection (already at a 1 free-bar discount) and try them ALL!  And again,
remember, we take the 10% off on our end of transacting your order, it won't
show up on your online shopping cart don't worry!   
Available wholesale AND all you Renn Faire and Spring Show's a great time to buy your faerie merchandise at a discount! 
This is a WONDERFUL seller!


We've added some new art pieces at
, come check them out! 
We're also offering 10% off all
art through the month of April! (10% off will be adjusted by us in your

This weekend, a selection of art from both of my art websites
will be appearing at Imagicon
(<-click for location and all info.)...the fantasy art convention in Birmingham,
Alabama!  So if any of you are in the area and attending that convention,
stop by the Art Show and check out all the great fantasy available!  My
pieces in the Art Show are available as matted, hand-embellished prints, each
one unique!  Mermaids with lovely shell embellishments, witches with
feathers and beads....faeries with Swarovski crystals! 

Until next time...wishing you all a productive and
new-beginning kind of Spring!  Remember to take time to enjoy the season,
the magic, and the joyous little perks in life!


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