Sunday, May 3, 2009

Limited Editions Soap Chest...and a New Witch!

Here at Simply Soap, we have a favorite phrase...."So many scents, so little time" because there literally are SO MANY scents, and yet logistically we can't possibly carry all that we'd like to, or are tempted to! As you can see from our website, we already have one of the largest handmade-by-one-soapmaker soap collections available on the 'net. Still, we often acquire other quality scents, either via custom soap batches made for customers and there's leftover oil they willingly leave with us, or suppliers send us samples that pile up. We hate to see all these great scents go to waste! And admittedly, as a soapmaker, I like nothing better than to put on my soap wizard hat, don an apron, and experiment with new blends. So we decided to create limited editions of some of these scents in soap that we offer to you to enjoy! A great chance to try our soap in off-beat or different scents than you're used to seeing at our site! C'mon...experiment a little! BUT....when they're gone, they're gone. If we notice extreme interest in any particular scent(s), we "may" add that soap(s) to our regular offerings permanently!

We also have a lovely new open edition witch print available for you - "In My Magic Garden"...she's surrounded by fly agaric 'shrooms, belladonna and a dandy dandelion or two! All ready for the Beltane season and coming of summer....

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