Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sometimes I amaze myself with my DUH-ness!

I am notorious for multi-tasking.....flitting between stuff I'm in the middle of at any given moment. However multi-tasking is really only a worthy talent when you do it EFFECTIVELY......

I was carrying my load of orders to-go-out to the front porch for my mail carrier guy to pick up and smelled the most wonderful scent on the air---just like roasting pumpkins! And who doesn't LOVE the smell of roasting pumpkins??? :::aaaaahhhh!!!::: Made several trips and got all the packages out. The pumpkin scent continued to grow STRONGER! HMMMM! Delicious! Got me thinking about Halloween already as my mind skipped-ahead past a hot summer in-store to my most favorite season--autumn! Went back to cleaning up the workshop...and still that wonderful pumpkin scent grew STRONGER STILL! Who the heck is roasting pumpkins in June?, I thought.

Well DUH me, I went in the house and it was a pot of peas & carrots I'd put on the stove to boil for lunch and the water had all boiled away! Isn't it when you start doing stuff like that, that your kids put a leash on you and take away stove privileges??? :::gulp::: Honest Folks...I'm not luzenit...yet! Just too many things going on at once. Next time I shall set a timer, I promise!

But FYI...if you ever want to enjoy the heavenly scent of Halloween pumpkins roasting in June or whenever...burn a pot of peas & carrots! LOL! My helpful tidbit for the day.....

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