Thursday, September 23, 2010


(For all of you who hate that word "awesome", this is one better)

1. awesomacious
def.: extremely or ultimately better than the usual, regular, or normal; greater than the state of being awesome.

There are people you are gifted to have enter your life, or you stumble upon, ...and you know it, you just KNOW IT!  Your internal baraometer feels it.  *CLICK!* It can be their personality, their natural talents or gifts, their intuitive cognition, their ability to relate or connect, or any of a gazillion combos of things about them.  But they just are awesomacious to you, and you know you will know them forever. 

I know this.  And I feel really lucky to have peoples like this in my life. 

My suggestion for the day?  Look around yourself and tell those awesomacious people in your life that they ARE!  Don't wait for their birthday, or Christmas, or some special occasion.  Do it NOW!  Today!  For all you know, either of you could be gone don't waste the chance!  Make their day and remind them how important & valued & magical personal relationships are to you!

Go on now...git!  :)

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