Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Your Life *IS* Your Magic.....

"To believe in magic as a viable way of enhancing our quality of life does require a leap of faith.  We must see life in slightly romantic terms; recognize falling in love or growing a flower or even cooking a perfect pie as a demonstration of the magic of balance, of everything coming together in just the right way."  - Titania Hardie

Are you a chronicler of what's absent in your life, always seeing what's missing, rather than what's there? 
You hit a certain point, or age milestone in your life and think about what you haven't gotten done vs. what you have?

In a free moment, drag out photos of yourself as a child.  Look at them.  Recognize your roots.  Remember what you were doing, thinking, feeling in those captured moments.  The world was your oyster!  It still is.... 

Only now you're armed with WISDOM!

Have a great oyster!

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