Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Early Morning Magic....

Not EVERY morning, but 2 - 3 mornings a week, I get up earlier than usual and *own the morning*.  I feel *I own it* because no one else is up but perhaps a few birds outside, and I want only their company.  Even my sleepy pups lay snoring bedside, and only look up long enough to shoot me a "What are you DOING at this hour?" look, ...then flop back down with the single wag of a weary tail. 

I hide in the front bathroom to stifle the loud whir of grinding coffee beans, start the brew, moving about the kitchen in the dim light, not wanting to break the peace with artifical glare. I bundle up in a thick shawl, take my steaming cup, and step out onto the back patio to snuggle up on an old chair in the morning mist floating by, and smell the smells of wet-garden. 

I ponder the day ahead, mentally organize lists, let inspiration seep in to my freshly awake brain......and despite the rest of the day invariably getting away from me, for a fleeting bit of time, yes,  I am Queen of my dominion..........I *own* the morning. 

Those early-start days always run BEST!

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