Monday, September 20, 2010

Doors & Mirror Magic.....

OK, that does it! New sign on my front door!

In the over 15 years I've been a home-based working person, I continue to battle one issue more than economic swings even.  I really, really, really wish people would consider, afford courtesy, and treat home-working folks the same way they treat their peeps who go to an office building every day. (Do they just drop-in on them?) Seriously, for every chunk of time I have to drop everything to answer someone's desire to "visit", I have to add that time onto an already very long day to get my stuff done.   
PSA for the day!
And on a positive note....
My *magic kernel* for today is:

One way to add a wee bit of inexpensive magic to your environment is with light!  Reflective light!  It works both day and night!  For example, in my backyard, I've scattered 1" squares of mirror that I purchased here: all around my garden and picnic table to enjoy reflectve dancing light, both sunlight during the day, and candlelight at night when I set up votives burning or hurricane candles!  The mirrors catch the sun or candle light and doubles the volume of light dancing about...*magical*!

Tuck mirror tiles randomly in amongst your garden and watch the light dance! 
Is it light? 
Or is it the faeries the light attracts? 


Happy Monday!

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