Monday, September 13, 2010

Gotta LOVE Magic Mondays!

Most people hate Mondays....I LOVE them! 
WHY?  Cuz my life tends to be in-reverse.  While most people look forward to a break and downtime over the weekend, my weekends tend to be not only my usual work schedule (one of the hazards of a home-based business--it never leaves you!), but lots of other stuff to boot!  So when Monday morning rolls around and everyone leaves for the day and the house is blessedly quiet......WOOO-HOOO!  YAY Monday! 

Problem is.....even when Monday comes, as an admitted work-a-holic, I feel GUILTY enjoying some peace and quiet!  GAH!  What is WRONG with me?  I feel like I'm *stealing* it!  So I am taking steps to rehabilitate myself and take more moments to enjoy the peace, guilt-free! 

Me and my best friend had tea! Catnip TEA!  OK, so my best friend is a cat (and it gave her more of a jolt, than me)...
I put on my fanciest shawl...
Picked fresh lavender for myself...
Lit candles in broad daylight...
Ate my sweet Irish Soda Bread (yes, I'm a carb consumer)
...and by God...I had PEACE (for 15.5 minutes)! 

Damn, that felt good!
Now back to work! 

Good Monday to y'all!  Even Mondays can have magic!
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