Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sacred Space---Got IT? Make it!

Have you got sacred space?  What IS sacred space? 

It's a place, ANY place, where you go to chill, veg, get inspired, pray, meditate, talk to yourself, study, feed your brain with info. or solitude, soak in silence...a place in general for you to have all to yourself in any given group of moments, to be uninterupted and un-bothered

THE KEY BEING.....when you are at that place, everyone one who could possibly happen upon you there *knows* that you are off-limits and not to be interupted!  You have to be the one to set the ground rules. (Well, for me...pets are allowed!)

I know *I* need sacred space!!!  Desperately!  And, my own most inspiring moments involve nature.  Nature is where I feel most at-home, at one with the universe.  But with my schedule, I don't have time to trot of to find a forest every day, and I'll be darned if I'll wait *till I DO have time* to grab sacred space.  So I've made sacred space in random places in and around my own home where I also work....and these places usually have some bit of plant life around to make me feel connected to nature.  You can do this too!  One should not have to hide in the bathroom to get quiet time!  (although a hot bath makes wonderful sacred space too!)  An old chair and a potted plant can be amazingly close to nature! 

The point being...this place is YOURS.  Decorate or surround it as you please, with things or comforts that make you feel most open to inspiration or meditation and claim it, use it, make it a tradition EVERY day! 

These are a few spots that I've made mine in my home and garden patio:

My art studio daybed.....the breeze that comes int that window is absolute heaven!  A breeze that stirs a hundred ideas!

My sacred spaces usually involve a cuddly shawl, sketch pad or books....(and if it's evening, a glass of wine!)

And when I REALLY want to go Incognito Invisible....there's the secret garden on the side of the house all tangled in vines....

Shhhhhhhh!  I'm off to my sacred place!

"You must have a room or a certain hour of the day or so where you do not know what was in the morning paper...a place where you can simply experience and bring forth what you are, and what you might be.  At first you may find nothing's happening.  But if you have a sacred place and use it, take advantage of it, something WILL happen." - John Campbell

 A lovely day to you! 
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