Friday, September 10, 2010

Feeling Friday.....

The weekend upon us...but not just any weekend, .....the 9th anniversay of 9/11.


From The Art Studio:

A tiny faery, on a tiny leaf, ...afloat on a
( be HER!)


From The Soap Workshop:

Not all soap is just about suds & scent...there can be a world of history and tradition behind it! 

We receive requests constantly from troubled-skin-sufferers, desperate for a soap to use that won't aggravate their condition.  Every person is different, every skin condition unique to the person who has it, and even the mildest and most pure products don't always work...but we have received wonderful feedback re: several of our soaps designed specifically to aid sensitive skin.  We also supply some of our lines to dermatologist offices.

I'd like to introduce you to one of our Ancient Alchemy soaps.....

African Black Magic

(also known as "African Black Soap")

This traditional African soap is made following the practices of the village women of Ghana and other regions of west coast Africa who make this soap by-hand and have for generations!

They use a mixture called "black soap powder"; the powder (made into a paste) is created of burned palm leaves which are added to cocoa pod husks, burned plantain skins, African honey, and virgin African shea butter--one of nature's most potent skin-nourishing butters! The soap is always unscented. The color of the soap is determined by how long the plantain leaves are burned.....(don't be fooled by imitation ABS - African Black Soap, that is merely soap colored with a black colorant!) In true ABS, the plantain skins are the key ingredient and what creates the dark color of the soap! From hand-pressing the oils, to burning the leaves, to forming black soap into paste for soap- this African black powder is handmade by age old tradition. Every African family has their own secret method passed down each generation. The finished soap is reknown for helping to heal lesions and alleviating many skin irritations and conditions. 
Here at Simply Soap/(Ancient Alchemy line) we have studied, mimicked, and recreated African traditional methods, adding some of our own (for a soap not crumbly like most ABS's directly from Africa), and offer you this bar to soothe your skin, whatever it's condition, and to honor the black magic of this wonderfully pure soap tradition that originated in Africa!

For more information on how we developed and have recreated many of our ancient-reciped soaps, read our Ancient Alchemy Story
Other UNSCENTED sensitive skin specific soaps we make:  Bar NoneSoothe & Smooth, Wylde Faerie - Hawthorne, Feverfew & Daisy Soap
How do YOU view the world?
In 1633, the aging Galileo was taken before the Roman Inquisition, tried and convicted of heresay, and sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison.  His crime?  He endorsed the idea previously proposed a century earlier by the great astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, that the earth is NOT the center of the solar system, that the sun sits at the center.  This idea was viewed as being in opposition to Holy Scripture.  Galileo was forced to publicly recant his views.  His book, Dialouge Concerning the Two Chief World Systems was banned.  His sentence commuted to house arrest the rest of his life where he eventually went blind.  Still, he persisted with his experiments.  Albert Einstein, three centuries later, called him "the father of modern science". 
I don't know why I posted that.....I guess it just makes me a time this world needs some new ideas!   :) 
Have a great Friday, Peeps!
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