Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy October!

The drive is approximately 40 miles.  We exit the freeway, wind the ancient oak-lined country roads, ...and then there's one particular bend in the road, and there, THERE....you see it!  Hundreds of happy pumpkins!!! A most beautimous sight!!! 
It's October, Folks!

Bates Nut Farm - Valley Center, CA


Any of you who know me at all, know I ADORE this month!   I LIVE for October! 
For my family, it's the real kick-off to the holiday season!  There's palpable *magic* in the air.....both the magic autumn brings on it's own, as well as the magic WE create!  And by "magic", I mean the love and cherished time we celebrate together as family & friends!  From decorating our house for Halloween as our fun-filled gift-to-the-neighborhood kids, ...to our annual trek to (the above) Bates Nut Farm to pick pumpkins and have a harvest-time picnic, ...to our competitive pumpkin-carving family night laced with hot spiced apple cider, traditional doughnuts and roasted pumpkin seeds, ...to our many preparations on Halloween Day---cooking great pots of soups and baskets of crusty dipping bread to share for any wanderers, neighbors and friends who stop by Halloween night to visit and savor the spookiness as we hand out candy--my husband as his usual fire-breathing (fog juice!)-dragon-in-his-lair, and me as my usual wit ch,.....to our acknowledging All Souls Day Nov. 1, remembering our many loved ones who have passed.  I treasure that even though my three kids are all in their 20's now and off on their own, they still come home for our much-loved traditions!  The month is chockful of celebration!  What better magic is there than that? 

In celebration of this favorite month, we're having a BIG SALE!

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Join the October celebration and save!

As the month goes along, we'll share with you some of our favorite October recipes, too!

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