Monday, November 15, 2010

November Busyness!'s November, alright!  How do I know?  Cuz I eat, breathe and sleep SOAP seven days a week!  LOL!   Despite it being my busiest season, the mad scientist in me *always* savors and enjoys the simple joy of making soap! Who can resist the sight and smell of these freshly-poured lovelies?  And just wait until they are cured and ready to lather-up!

(Beneath The Sea Salt Soap, Vanilla Oatmeal Soap, Jasmine Orange Blossom Soap)

I can't complain about working weekends too much when I have my own personal guitar minstrel serenading me on the back patio as I toil in the he cute, or what? 

And then to come into the house at the end of a long day of concocting and stirring, and realize he's made a candlelight dinner for us!  Um.....'s not so bad! 

Happy November!
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