Wednesday, December 15, 2010

E-Mail Gift Certificates--Quick, Easy!

(We'll e-send them for you right up thru 12/25!!!)

If you're like me, it's *panic attack time* because Christmas snuck up so fast this year and you're realizing it's getting late to now trek to the mall, find, buy, and send something to those special someones and expect it to arrive on-time, especially to out-of-towners! And if you're REALLY like me, mall crowds, parking lots make you stark-raving claustophobic, crazy, and Scrooge-like!!! Or, maybe you thrive on procrastination. (???) We've got an easy *out* for ya! We're here to the rescue, and you'll come off looking like a genius gift-giver with excellent taste! So many of our new loyal customers each year come to us as a result of having been gifted for Christmas and they are hooked!

Send a Gift Certificate to use at our website for ANY of our luxurious handmade premium soaps, fantasy art, gift items, or crocheted fiber arts! Best of all, they can shop online at our newly re-designed website graced with fantasy & fun, choose whatever THEY want as per their tastes & preferences! Easy-peasy! One-click shopping for you and you're ka-done! Leisurely browse time for them with a vast selection to choose from!

We will email-send Gift Certificate orders right up through Xmas, so you can't miss with this easy shopping/quick delivery! Just be sure to include your gift recipient's name/email address in the Notes section of the shoppng cart, and any personal message or greeting you wish to attach!
Merry Christmas Blessings!

~Carol Ochs
The Imaginative Arts of Carol Ochs

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