Friday, January 28, 2011

Steel Horse Get-Aways & Stonehenge

At least once a day, I hop on the steel horse I ride ::guitar strum::. My bike Ruby!  And um, she's a bike-bike, not a motorcycle steel horse.  But hey, a girl's gotta make due for her get-away vehicles...and off I go to get air in my lungs, and in between my ears!  Meditation, and I always come home feeling infinitely at peace!

Yesterday afternoon while out toolin' on the Rubester I discovered a hidden secret place in the neighborhood, or at least new to me!  A neighborhood church, located on a furthermost mesa, that juts out over a canyon, overlooking the freeway beyond, ....built  into the hillside it sits on, there's now an outdoor area to hold services!  Never knew that before!  It's way tucked away, hard to see from the street!  There's benches, and you can sit right on the edge of the mesa looking out...SO peaceful!  To me (with a little imagination) it looks like a mini!

So I plopped meself down to cool my heels, take-in the sunset, say a prayer or two to the Great Known and Great Unknown, and find that all is right with the world for the moment.  This will be a seriously good fireworks viewing spot come July 4th!  Ain't it purty?

So, after basking in my secluded "peace", I hop on Ruby, head toward home, and some gal pulls up alongside me going the same direction on HER bike, nearly identical to mine.  She strikes up a conversation saying...

She: "Hey, same bikes!  My husband got me mine for Xmas to help work off my baby weight."
Me:  Same here!
She:  Oh really?  How old is your little one?
Me:  My youngest is 20.
She:  Really? Mine is 22 months!  Do you live close?  Maybe we could get our little ones together for a playdate or bike rides with baby seats!
Me:  Um...mine is 20 YEARS!
STILL working off some baby weight!  LOL!  (:::snort:::) 
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