Thursday, February 3, 2011

My REAL New Year celebration!

Well, needless to say, when Punxsutawney Phil announced "an early spring" yesterday, I'm sure the world guffawed and lost all faith in trusting sneaky groundhogs anymore!  Not with all these inordinately raging winter storms still at-hand!  But this morning I spied a bit of evidence that he may be right!  My lilac bushes with BUDS!  I got  BUDS!  Wee-haaa!  Granted, I am located in San Diego, so I have an early advantage.  But it is amazing how so small a bit of new life can lift the spirits and provide promise of good things to come!  I share my buds with you and wish all of you in snow-country the arrival of spring SOON, too! 

I finished my taxes yesterday - cause for celebration!  Once done wih that chore, I feel like my REAL New Year begins!  Holiday chaos behind, ...the have-to-do-ness of taxes mind and work table are free to be truly creative idea engine!  My head feels like it's literally bursting with brainstorms! 
Off to channel the blizzard in my head! 

A good day to you all...and stay safe in the weather! 

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