Friday, February 4, 2011

Ahhh.....Slip into soak 'n' magic.....

Been a long time since I took a bath!  Don't worry, there's been showers in-between.....but I mean a REAL....long, soaking BATH!  Dare I admit, *I* nearly forgot how mind-centering and therapeutic this feels...this luscious slice of me-time!  ME!  A soapmaker who has plenty of reason to test-drive my own wares!  How could I omit BATHS???  Well, one gets busy, you do hygiene quickies (showers) to get on with the busyness of other things to get done.....that's how you stop taking baths.
Big mistake.
I am vowing not to neglect this ritual for so long ever again!  I dare say, I may have lost my connection to me.....

Yesterday late afternoon I finished up work for the day, the house was empty of attention-usurpers, so I decided to indulge.  Dang it, if I don't take some me-time, no one is likely going to serve it up to me on a silver platter.  I took it and did not feel guilty!  Mwhahahaha! 

I heated-up the water,
added my favorite potions: baking soda and sea salt (for every mermaid needs her salt),
dribbled in some fragrant scent oils,
grabbed a bar of patchouli, cinnamon & hemp oil soap,
stripped down and dove in!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........(shuddered at the exquisite luxury enveloping me!)

I took with me into my tub an edition (June 2010) of Faerie Magazine, and lo 'n' behold, in it was featured an article by Avril Tyrrell on "Thousand Islands" (how did I miss this eariler?)! "Imagine fragments of paradise scattered across a sapphire river flowing between verdant pastures.  The native people who lived in North America for many centuries before European explorers discovered it, named this place "Manatoana" or Garden of the Great Spirit". This grabbed my attention because I grew up in NY, spent MUCH of my childhood camping at the 1000 Islands with my family.  In many ways, I consider the place the birthplace of  my imagination and fanciful directions.  I loved nothing better as a child than to venture into the woods or shores there and act out Little Red Riding Hood, Hansel & Gretel, be both lost within, and at one with the trees and forest spirits there!  It is nothing short of *magical*! 

Exerpt: Travelling through the region in 1848, years before development arrived, England's Rev. James Dixon described the islands as "...the most perfect fairy scene in the world." Situated in Ontario on a stretch of the St. Lawrence River...

I had a sudden pang of longing for and deep connection to my childhood I was 10 years old again, riding on a motorboat out to one of the islands with my Grandpa to fish, ...Grandpa in his bowtie and jacket even while fishing...."Throw out your line and see what you bring up!"  he'd say, as sunfish after sunfish hit as soon as line hit water!
There are beautiful haunts need only look a bit further, or find them hiding under rocks right in front of you!   There may be magic in your own bathtub! Throw out a line and see what you bring up!

Have a magnificent Friday!
~Carol :)
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