Monday, March 28, 2011

Hoozah! For drum beats followed!

I have a hard time working in absolute silence.....therefore whatever I'm doing all day, like many, I have either music or some DVD plugged in.  You are, or can become, what you plug into your head...positive in, positive output, right?  Or such is what I believe  ;)  (Which I s'pose is why there is a whole lotta crazy singing by me coming out of my workshop all day! Because I've actually deluded myself into believing I can sing like Steven!...but hey, my workshop, my mind, my delusion!)

I luv, luv, luv "the making of" type vids---so inspirational to me!  I often like them better than what they are describing they made!  Anyway, over the weekend I was on a "making of" jag, ......Lord of the Rings, ...Michael Jackson's This Is It!, ...Avatar........seeing that genius at work!  It really struck me, the common thread..... how a visionary hears & sees a magic *something* in their head and then attempts to translate it into their particular art from....unswayed by outside input, they stay true to their own vision.  I DIG that!  And so relate to calls to me in so powerful a way!  And reminds me how little I see that around me sometimes.....even amongst creative communities, we can be such a community of sheep, following the latest trend or what we *think* will sell.........UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  I never want to do that.

I've learned over the years how counter-productive it can be to step off your own path for even a second, even bother to ask others' opinions of your own vision.  Many just "don't get it", never will...and even if you listened to their opinion and applied it to your path, it will only genericize you to being like them, like their visions...not your own.  And who wants to be like everyone else???????

So's kudos to listening to the crazy little voices in your OWN head and being brave enough to follow them!  Opinions of others be damned!!!  Hooozah!!!!!

P.S.  Another thing I love about true visionarys.....they don't necessarily feel compelled to try to sell you on their philosophies and other BS....they let their work speak for itself!  I call that b.i.t.c.h.e.n.
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