Thursday, March 31, 2011

Peeks, Hints & Reminders.....:)

Reminder!  Our Wylde Faerie Soaps Sale (10% off!) ends at midnight today (3/31)!  Stock up on this popular line while the gettin' is good at a discount!  Magically-botanical to enchant YOUR bath (and spirit)!

And PSSST! know, the Easter Bunny doesn't only deliver chocolate eggs!  You can choose from our over 80 varieties of beautiful, skin-nourishing, naturally-made soaps!  Something for EVERYONE! Men, women, children...and super-sensitive skin folk!

A new twig-design embellished with metal leaves on our popular forest image Whispers Only Sisters Understand" Journal!  Inside the journal features a matching bookplate and bookmark!  You can find this one here:

We have our first (what feels like) SUMMER day today, due to hit 90 degrees!  ::gulp!:: Feels funny to wear a sleeveless dress for a change! The garden is bursting with ...freesia, jasmine!  Smells HEAVENLY!

A busy week soapin' and painting.  I've been working on a fun series of themed art pieces which I'm kind of excited about that involves air and magic, & I hope to have ready to release by summer!  I'll give you a wee hint of one of those pieces.....

But, I'm taking a break from that over the weekend to work on a piece I was invited to do to submit to a publication.  I'd been away from painting so long over the winter, feels good to be back-at-it!  It's sad when your paintbrushes collect dust bunnies on them! 

A good end of the month to you....and watch out for those April Foolers!  I have a family of tricksters so I'm always tippy-toeing about on April 1rst! GAH!

And to all of my followers...just want to say thanks for your interest! 

~Carol  :)

"Nobody cares if you can't dance well....just get up and DANCE...for YOU!"
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