Thursday, July 21, 2011

All American Arts XMAS!!!

I dunno 'bout y'all....but I start my Christmas shopping right after the past Christmas!  I sort of have to, so my wallet doesn't go into spasms if I wait till Nov./Dec.!  So I'm in the thick of it NOW...crossing at least one person off my list per month.'s an idea.  It's what I'm doing...and NOT just with my Xmas gift-giving.  Consider ONLY BUYING American-made products for all your holiday gift-giving.  Think how it will help our economy!  You're going to spend anyway, why not direct it toward helping our own?

And I'm not saying this to try to get you to buy from me....just buy from any American-made company.  Like everyone, I'm really tired of the downward slide we're all in, and even more tired of listening to politicians kabitzing!  Time for turn-around......even in small bits! This is something we each can do! Join me! 
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